Sunshine Coast Biosphere

Recently designated by UNESCO, the Sunshine Coast’s status as a Biosphere Reserve propels the local economy forward, attracting investments, fostering innovation and creating sustainable opportunities for local business and industry. To build on this momentum, Sunshine Coast Council required a brand strategy to unite local business and community with this new regional identity.

  • Workshops & Engagment
  • Brand Development
  • Strategy & Planning


Sunshine Coast Council engaged the Fresh PR & Marketing team to develop a community-owned brand identity for the Sunshine Coast Biosphere and establish its distinct market position.


  • Engaging the Sunshine Coast community and key stakeholders to ensure active participation representative of diverse perspectives.
  • Analysing large quantities data from both focus groups and online survey responses involves significant data management.
  • Translating data into accurate, unbiased and actionable design improvements while adhering to budget constraints.
  • Managing expectations on the extent to which all feedback can be incorporated.


  • Increase awareness of the domestic terminal redevelopment amongst the community
  • Invite key user groups to provide feedback on their specific needs
  • Allow the community to feel part of the journey and the opportunity to have their say.


Workshops & Engagement

We conducted three focus groups involving both internal and external stakeholders. These sessions were instrumental in gaining insights into the aspirations and expectations of various industries and community groups regarding the Biosphere brand.

We engaged in one-on-one meetings with key partners, including organisations like FAN (Food and Agribusiness Network) and VSC (Visit Sunshine Coast). These discussions allowed us to align our strategy with their specific goals and visions.

We reached out to other Australian biosphere reserves to foster a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and successes they have experienced in branding. This benchmarking exercise provided valuable insights into what has worked well and where improvements could be made.

Brand Development

Building on the brand’s existing visual identity, we expanded the brand development process by defining critical aspects of the brand. This involved identifying the Biosphere’s unique position within the Sunshine Coast region, defining its personality traits for relatability and appeal, crafting key messages to effectively communicate its mission and values to diverse stakeholders and specifying primary target audiences to tailor our messaging to.

Strategy & Planning

In developing the brand strategy, we leveraged the region’s UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation and global recognition. We considered local sensitivities and aimed to create a compelling brand identity aligned with the biosphere’s objectives. Specific research and engagement undertaken included.

The strategy outlined three distinct phases: advocacy, awareness, and adoption. Each phase was coordinated to build strong relationships with influential brand leaders, partners and supporters and enhance local, national and international brand recognition.


The key output of this project was a comprehensive brand strategy document that serves as a guiding framework for all brand decisions relating to the Sunshine Coast Biosphere.

It identifies key advocates for the brand and offers a three-tiered adoption strategy that enables all cross sections of the business community to be involved in, from local cafes to big corporates.