Digital Marketing


It is undeniable that digital marketing – in some form – needs to be a part of most business’s marketing mix. Like it or not we are a society that can’t live without our devices with the average Australian spending nearly seven hours per day accessing digital content on a phone, tablet or computer.

Many businesses may have dabbled with boosting a post or writing an email for clients – but how successful are these singular marketing attempts been? Having a well-integrated digital strategy covering a number of platforms ensures that consistent and relevant content is delivered to your audience on a regular basis.

Just the same as any other marketing tactic, digital platforms are their most effective when matching message with market. Social media channels have the capacity to build comprehensive and accurate databases and if you are clear about your desired outcomes and tailor your messages to suit this and your target audiences, you should get some quick wins.

Not everything moves fast in the digital space though. It’s important to note that building brand awareness and SEO requires a more complicated matrix and can take up to six months to see results.

Digital marketing is so much more than social interactions though. Depending on whether your goal is to build relationships with like-minded people, amplify your brand, launch an event or product or increase sales – there are so many platforms to choose.

Fresh PR & Marketing always considers the full picture and how a client travels digitally to meet your end goal. For example, will they be directed to your website from a social media page or newsletter and if this is the case, is there a landing page that clearly articulates what call to action you have? Each digital tactic needs to convey your brand consistently, it needs to be engaging and it needs to be easy.

The online space is an ever-changing landscape and can be overwhelming to navigate. It also requires constant monitoring and time to manage.

Depending on the level of resourcing you have, Fresh PRM can be your content creators, platform builders or advertising agency.

Everything is measurable in the online world. Through a number of online tools, we can target and track your results. We build competitions and surveys and present interviews and overviews to keep your online space dynamic and engaging.

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