McNab is a design and construction company which specializing in projects valued between $5m to over $100m, with more than 85% of all work sourced through repeat clients and referrals. Starting in Toowoomba in 1996, McNab expanded to include offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.  McNab employs over 300 staff across South East Queensland and was recently listed #36 on the 2019 AFR Top 500 Private Companies in Queensland.

  • Media liaison
  • Communications support
  • Issues management plan


Good construction is all about planning and creating strong foundations, which is why the McNab team gave us a call. Not only did they want our help sharing the countless positive stories across their projects, they also wanted to proactively develop a communications plan to prepare for the unexpected. And all credit to them we say, as we know first-hand that every business should absolutely have one of these!


  • We were tasked with turning sometimes mundane construction reports into enticing media stories that capture both the journo and the reader’s imagination.
  • When it comes to issues management, not many organisations want to think about worst case scenarios but once they do, they can confidently tackle just about anything life throws at them.


  • Create an engaging media strategy
  • Find stories that people really care about
  • Promote McNab’s capabilities to their potential clients
  • Respect the voice of McNab clients
  • Develop a robust issues management communications plan
  • Support the very capable marketing team with strategic communications advice.
“The Fresh team is agile, responsive and work seamlessly as part of our marketing team, which is essential for us when working with a PR and marketing consultancy. As the Fresh team has experience from both sides of the fence (PR and journalism), they deliver engaging narratives and media stories which has greatly helped our brand in both existing and new markets.
Most importantly for me (and this is the best bit), Maya has proven time and again that she genuinely cares and understands our business, which is why they are the perfect PR and marketing partner for McNab.”- STEVE KELK, GENERAL MANAGER MARKETING AND SALES, MCNAB


While construction stories may seem uninteresting to the uninitiated, generating new jobs, winning awards, supporting small business and tradies and injecting millions of dollars into the economy is far from boring! We find the hooks and turn them into relatable news which impacts on a greater audience.

When it comes to issues management, we followed Fresh’s 11-step planning process ― from identifying every stakeholder group, through to key messages, communications tactics, policies and training. Now the McNab team has everything at their fingertips to deliver consistent, accurate and timely information to all relevant stakeholders at the drop of a hat. And in the meantime, everyone can sleep at night knowing the groundwork is done.


Other than getting better sleep, McNab’s senior management team love the steady stream of positive media sharing their project milestones and raising McNab’s profile as one of SEQ’s leading construction companies.

We’re also on call to provide strategic communications advice and have facilitated a number of media introductions to position the McNab management team as credible industry spokespeople.