A South East Queensland construction company with a positive, proactive approach to communications.

Good construction is all about planning and creating strong foundations. Which is why — as great builders — the McNab team understands the value of being prepared when it comes to issues management and being proactive in sharing positive stories. We have worked closely with the team to develop a current Issues Management Plan, so now when the unexpected happens the team has everything at their fingertips to deliver consistent, accurate and timely information to all their relevant stakeholders. This, along with our ongoing communications support and annual calendar of media releases sharing project updates across their four locations, sees us working closing with this dynamic team. And we love it!

McNab is a design and construction company which specialises in projects valued between $5m to $80m. Starting in Toowoomba in 1996, McNab expanded to include offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast and now employs over 300 staff.  McNab was listed #176 on the AFR’s Top 500 Private Companies in 2019 (FY19 $370m).

Regular distribution of media releases across four markets
Practical Issues Management Plan
Ongoing strategic communications advice

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