What we do


There is a lot more to developing a brand than just designing a logo. A great business name and logo are a good start though and our creative minds are well-versed in delivering eye-popping graphics. Understanding the power of your brand though is important. How do your client’s perceive you, especially alongside your competitors, what’s your business’s personality, how do you speak with people, and what do you stand for?


Finding your own marketing pathway can be a tricky process. Self-analysis is always hard. But we take you through this process and ask all the hard questions, so that at the end of the day we know what your ‘essence’ is or what the emotional triggers are for your audience. A marketing roadmap makes sure you don’t get lost or go off-track.


Public relations is the foundation service of Fresh PR & Marketing. It is what we built our name on. We find the stories that are newsworthy and make sure it is written in a way that makes a journalist sigh with pleasure. We have great relationships with media and even shout them to drinks every now and again.


Like a boy scout it is all in the preparation! Sometimes the unthinkable happens. Sometimes it is out of your control. Having a clear plan of action at these times means that you have a greater chance of negotiating your business through this rough patch. Learn how to speak to media, have holding statements in place and nominate key spokespeople.


Get the edge with our media training courses. In a day we cover everything from presenting to camera, capturing your message in 10 seconds and how to calm the butterflies while you have a microphone stuck under your nose.


Online marketing is by far the single biggest game changer in business marketing seen in the last ten years. Facebook is one of the largest databases available worldwide with 1.19 billion users. We are mobile consumers being able to access messages and images 24/7. From a business’s perspective this means cost-effective and targeted marketing approaches that deliver instant results.


Whether you need to take people with you on a journey or you are keen to receive feedback about a project, our IAP2 trained staff have the expertise to facilitate large community information sessions, design and manage surveys, and conduct more intimate focus groups where all voices are heard.


From the opening of an envelope to the launch of a shopping centre, Fresh makes an event pop. There is something quite thrilling about inviting all your stakeholders to an event that marks a special milestone or celebrates a new direction. We are a team passionate about events and have built a reputation on being detailed in our delivery making sure the event is always a success.