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We all know there’s more to a brand than just a logo. As born storytellers, we can uncover what makes your brand unique — its personality, values and characteristics. This helps us deliver eye-popping creative campaigns that truly connect with your audience on an emotional level and can be translated consistently across all marketing channels.
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Finding your own marketing path can be tricky — self-analysis is always hard. At Fresh we guide you through the marketing planning process by researching your market, asking all the hard questions to help you find your ‘essence’, and exploring your audience’s emotional triggers. We then capture this in a marketing roadmap to keep you on track, help you evaluate each opportunity, plan your budget and measure your success.
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Content is king in the new world of digital marketing, which is obviously not a new space for us having been in the business of ‘creating content’ for years.

Coming up with topical content with a great angle is our business and we are apt at extending this into websites, PR, collateral, annual reports, blogs, videos, infographics, e-newsletters or social media posts.

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Public relations was the foundation service of Fresh PR & Marketing when we opened our doors in 2004.

Since then we have built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional media outcomes for our clients, thanks to our knack for finding good stories and our valuable network of great journos. It’s not just about finding an angle, and at Fresh, it’s never about spin — it’s all about great storytelling, and we love it!

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In business the unexpected can happen — a data breach, a product recall, a natural disaster or a terrible accident. A comprehensive communications plan can be the difference between weathering the storm and going down with the ship. Do you have holding statements, do you know who’s in your crisis team or when last you updated your staff’s next of kin? We can help you feel confident in your communications strategy, and if you ever need to use it, we’re on call 24/7 to support you.
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Our action-packed media training courses cover everything from finding great news stories, preparing engaging messages, conducting the perfect interview, presentation tips, 10-second grabs, what to avoid and how to calm the butterflies. 100% of our participants would recommend the course to others with many of the 1,500-plus saying it was the best training they’d ever attended. And the best part is, we now regularly see them in the news kicking goals!
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We can all agree, in the past decade digital marketing has been the biggest game changer in the marketing landscape. However, this not-so-secret weapon is an ever-changing beast and as the online noise escalates, you need the ability to cut through and really build trust with your market. We use state-of-the-art tools, great content and tactics like effective websites, PPC advertising on Facebook, Google and YouTube and e-newsletters that beg to be opened, to name a few.  Above all we measure, we adjust and we get results.
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Whether you need to take people with you on a journey or you are keen to receive feedback about a project, our IAP2 trained staff have the expertise to facilitate large community information sessions, design and manage surveys, and conduct more intimate focus groups where all voices are heard.
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Whether you’re turning the sod on a new development or celebrating an exciting milestone, at Fresh we know how to make an event pop! There’s something quite thrilling about bringing together all your most valuable contacts at an event that showcases your business and engages them on a personal level. Our team is passionate about events and we’ve built a reputation for delivering creative events that are the talk of the town (for all the right reasons!).
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