Australian Wearable Art Festival

Australian Wearable Art Festival, hosted annually on the Sunshine Coast, showcases 40 national and international works presented over three shows on a 27-metre-long catwalk. The festival provides a unique platform for high-end fashion and the sculptural world of art to collide together, with the garment concepts and what they are made from only limited by the artist’s imagination.

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Activations & Events
  • Media Liaison
  • Social Media


The Australian Wearable Art Festival has partnered with Fresh PR & Marketing for all event management and event promotion for the past five years. Fresh Director, Helen Perry is a founder of this festival and has played a crucial role in shaping a lasting framework for the event while also developing marketing campaigns that achieve cut-through with audiences across the nation.


  • Logistical complexity of managing three shows on a 27-metre catwalk with diverse artworks, artists, judges, and collaborators while maintaining the festival’s distinct artistic and professional standards.
  • Attracting a diverse range of attendees, including individuals with varying interests in fashion, art, and culture, in order to expand the festival’s audience base and ensure sustained ticket sales growth.


  • Increase ticket sales to a broader demographic by targeting audiences with varying interests in fashion, art, and culture across Queensland and Australia.
  • Establish the Australian Wearable Art Festival as a premier global event in the wearable art and fashion industry.
  • Provide a professional platform that not only showcases wearable art but also fosters artistic innovation and professional development.
  • Drive the festival’s sustainable growth by leveraging past success and continuously improving event management processes.
“It is 100% accurate to say that without Fresh PR & Marketing, AWAF would never have got this far. They are an incredible team who have and continue to support AWAF in the months before and after each event... and they are also there on the ground helping everywhere, as needed while amazingness is happening on the days and nights.”- Wendy Roe, Co-founder & Curator, Australian Wearable Art Festival


Strategy & Planning

Helen Perry, Director of Fresh PR & Marketing and one of the festival’s founders, has played an integral role in shaping the festival’s strategy and long-term sustainability. Her efforts have not only secured a stable and sustainable structure for the event but has also attracted an array of artists, both national and international, who have showcased their innovative works on the festival’s prestigious runway.

Additionally, her influence has extended to recruiting internationally acclaimed judges who bring credibility and expertise to the festival. Helen has spearheaded the development of event marketing campaigns that have effectively reached and engaged audiences on a national scale.

Activations & Events

Beyond the main festival showcases, Fresh has extended Australian Wearable Art Festival’s impact through various activations and events. A Halloween Fundraising party not only added a festive element to the festival’s calendar but also provided an avenue for raising funds to support its growth and sustainability.

In 2023, a three-month-long exhibition of previous wearable art entries were showcased at the Caloundra Regional Art Gallery. This extended exhibition provided an incredible marketing platform and engaging activation to reach a broader audience and further integrate itself into the local arts scene.

Media Liaison

One of the cornerstones of the festival’s success has been its ability to garner extensive media coverage, both nationally and within the arts and fashion industry. Fresh PR & Marketing has been instrumental in crafting compelling media releases that effectively deliver the festival’s unique value, reputation and reach.

Social Media

To maintain a consistent and engaging online presence, Fresh developed a social media content calendar that serves as a blueprint for visually captivating social media posts accompanied by complementary captions. Through strategic social media management, the festival’s channels have become a vibrant hub for sharing the creativity and excitement surrounding the event and fostered a dedicated online community that eagerly anticipates each edition of the festival.


Since 2019, the event has grown to three shows and has had work from previous shows exhibited in the Caloundra Regional Art Gallery.

It is anticipated that in years to come the festival will extend to being a week of workshops, forums and professional development opportunities.