Marketing Strategy


A good marketing strategy or plan is like a road map for your business.

A marketing strategy identifies an end point for your marketing initiatives and a clear pathway to get there. Depending on your business needs, the ‘road map’ only needs to be as detailed or as basic as you like. But without it you are flying blind as to what might be your marketing successes or fails.

Some people prefer to have a ‘plan on a page’ and this is placed on their wall for the whole team to see. Others like to be able to refer to the rationale behind certain strategies and it comes with an action list detailing allocated tasks and budgets.

Often it can be difficult to write a strategy for your own business as it is hard to get the perspective required and analyse with ‘fresh’ eyes. Fresh PR & Marketing loves nothing more than unlocking a business’s ‘secret marketing weapons’ or ‘brand value’.

We ask the tough questions and dig deep into what you really want to achieve with your marketing dollars. We work with you on the big picture goals and then detail how this translates into everyday marketing tactics.

A strategy creates a marketing focus. It profiles and prioritises your target audiences, articulates your key messages, sets timeframes and lays out a budget. It gives a foundation point for all communications to be measured, meaning that all your marketing decisions can be made confidently.

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