Issues & Crisis Management

  • Scenario planning
  • Interview preparation
  • On-call support
  • Communication training

Are you ready for the unexpected? Need to be prepared for the future? Sometimes all it takes is a tailored and meaningful plan.

We have an 11-step process when it comes to dealing with the unexpected from developing a strategic scenario plan to undertaking media training. It can be hard to know what to do when an issue arises and that’s where Fresh PR & Marketing can come in with ‘fresh’ eyes and provide advice and training to ensure you’re equipped to manage the situation with the right communications.

We have extensive experience in supporting clients with issues and crisis management. Our director Maya Gurry cut her teeth in issues management in South Africa supporting the management team at Volkswagen of South Africa in dealing with a politically charged workforce of over 7,000 as apartheid came to an end in the early to mid-1990s. She then moved on to become the spokesperson for food-related issues such as genetically modified foods, BSE (mad cow disease) and a range of other issues for Marks & Spencer at its London head office.

While we operate with the utmost respect for confidentiality and anonymity, the following examples demonstrate support provided by Fresh PR & Marketing in the following situations:

  • COVID-19 communications support for various clients. Support included a comprehensive scenario planning to address potential individual virus infections onsite, staff clusters, risks associated with delivering essential services during a pandemic, preparation of internal scripting, drafting of key messages and developing engaging tools to liaise with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Supporting a prominent business in dealing with an ASIC investigation, which culminated in the arrival of the Australian Federal Police onsite to confiscate documentation. This included delivery of an issues management plan to communicate with their 30-plus staff, clients, stakeholders and fellow partners; scripting, communication training, preparation of holding statements, and one-on-one media training for owners.
  • Issues management for a prominent Australian thoroughbred trainer in dealing with charges laid against him by a state racing governing body, including planning of approach, liaising with key stakeholders including his legal team, drafting of media statements, managing distributions and media contact lists, monitoring coverage and responding to media enquiries.
  • Supporting a manufacturer with internal and external communications advice in regards to A Current Affair enquiry as well as external threats of both property and reputational damage. This included delivery of an issues plan, developing key messaging and a holding statement, identifying stakeholders and conducting a risk assessment.
  • Delivery of an Issues Management Plan for a number of large construction companies to prepare them for the potential of workplace incidents, to manage union-related media engagement and to deal with investigative journalists.