Mark Chapman

As a long-term piece of the Fresh furniture, Mark is the experienced hands and mind behind the beautiful and engaging visuals we produce for our clients.

With qualifications in design and social science/psychology, Mark's creative approach is far from stock standard. With a firm understanding of how the visual component of communication has deep-seated emotional value in enhancing the communication power of a brand or campaign, the design process is firmly focused on creating material most effective in engaging the audience in the most memorable way - not just making stuff pretty.

Print, digital, multimedia? Mark's career and experience covers the full spectrum from traditional graphic design to publishing to digital properties across retail, corporate communications, not-for-profit organisations, education, government, construction/development and small business. With a career in design and multimedia roles, he has also lectured in design and art, previously founded and ran a design agency in Brisbane, launched a publishing company on the Sunshine Coast and is currently one of the directors of Horse & Water Branding and Creative.

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