Trudie Abel

Senior PR and Marketing Consultant

Trudie has enjoyed marketing global lifestyle brands worldwide for 20 years. With international experience working in the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, she’s helped many trusted consumer brands grow brand awareness and unlock brand love with value creating experiences and meaningful communications.

As the global lead for PR and communication for sustainable clothing brand icebreaker merino, Trudie's campaigns and media reach shared the benefits of natural clothing and the environmental impact of clothing choices.

Trudie has led the ideation of many global campaigns that have positioned brands as good for you, good for the planet – leading with brand purpose and long-lasting, action-led communications. At the core of her strategies is the belief that – real people tell the best brand stories. And that, people trust people. In ideating and activating ‘big ideas’ to ignite global movements, she will pitch 360 amplification programs that are educational, participative, experiential, PR, UGC and social focused.

She values the power and influence of earned media – creating experiences worthy of participation, and stories worthy of peer-to-peer share. She advocates that brand actions and a company’s purpose has the power to generate more buzz than its product features, and introduces activity that gets people engaging, talking, sharing, clicking – turning people into ambassadors of the brand.

Gravitating towards brands built on belonging and community, she thrives in bringing disciplines and partners together for high-impact outcomes that drive visibility, engagement and action. She has helped brands drive a purpose beyond the product they make, and drive positive change in the world at large. And always with her trademark smile.

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