Event Management


Taking an event from concept to completion.

Whether you are launching a product, delivering a new arm to your business or hosting a major event that brings a community together, it is vital to have a plan in place that outlines the goal of the event, provides timelines, task lists and run sheets.

Detail is everything when it comes to managing events and every event team member needs to be sure what their responsibilities are and needs to be working to the same end goal.

There is real value in having an external team to draw expertise from. Engaging with Fresh PR & Marketing from the outset, means that all potential risks are outlined and mitigated; creative ideas can be brainstormed and workshopped and you have a good chance on delivering on your vision for the event.

Fresh PR & Marketing has been working in events for nearly two decades and over this time has built a reliable and expert team of event suppliers to partner with. We have created displays to celebrate shopping centre milestones, we have put on parties that have left guests speechless, organised virtual staff conferences, boutique shop openings and created lasting memories for our clients.

We are meticulous with our attention to detail, making sure that there are no items left unnoticed. We ensure there are run sheets for operations, speech notes, volunteer briefings, parking plans and media opportunities – all to ensure your event is a success!

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