Sunshine Coast Airport

As part of the Sunshine Coast Airport’s Domestic Terminal Redevelopment, the Sunshine Coast community and key stakeholders were invited to inform the design of the terminal, whilst also helping to inform future plans for the airport.

  • Workshops & Engagment
  • Research & Profiling
  • Insights & Reporting


Fresh PR & Marketing team members are accredited IAP2 practitioners and follow the international standard of engagement delivery when working with our clients. As such, Sunshine Coast Airport tasked us with delivering a report detailing the local community’s needs and wants for the new terminal facilities.


  • Engaging the Sunshine Coast community and key stakeholders to ensure active participation representative of diverse perspectives.
  • Analysing large quantities data from both focus groups and online survey responses involves significant data management.
  • Translating data into accurate, unbiased and actionable design improvements while adhering to budget constraints.
  • Managing expectations on the extent to which all feedback can be incorporated.


  • Increase awareness of the domestic terminal redevelopment amongst the community
  • Invite key user groups to provide feedback on their specific needs
  • Allow the community to feel part of the journey and the opportunity to have their say.


Workshops & Engagement

A series of seven focus groups, delivered both in person and online, were undertaken with key user groups including families, seniors, airport staff and tenants, people with a disability and local community aviation groups.

Research & Profiling

An online survey targeting residents from the Sunshine Coast community was also made available. The survey, promoted through a social media campaign attracted 2076 responses and was open for a three week period to obtain quantitative and qualitative feedback on current airport use and behaviours and suggestions for future domestic terminal improvements.

Insights & Reporting

The key output for this project was a final engagement report, delivered following the conclusion of the focus groups and online community survey. This report noted key insights and identified key themes captured during the two phases of engagement, particularly related to the airport design features and suggestions to improve the airport passenger experience.


Fresh PR & Marketing team delivered a report detailing the needs and wants of the local community – directly impacting on the remaining 50% of design work to be completed.