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Media interviews. For a lot of our clients they evoke nervousness, uncertainty, even a bit of dread. Yet, amidst these feelings, positive press is a powerful opportunity to spotlight your credibility, expertise and passion via channels highly regarded by your audience.

At Fresh PR & Marketing, we understand the challenges that come with facing the media. That’s why we’re here – to provide you and your team with the tools and training needed to transform these encounters into moments of positive impact for your business.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Successful media engagements require groundwork. Identify key messages summarising what you want your audience to remember. Preparation also involves adapting your messages to various media formats – whether it’s print, online, radio or TV.

For radio and TV, delivering a concise 10-second soundbite is gold. These grabs – packed with conviction and animation – are what the audience remembers. Practice makes perfect; rehearse until they flow effortlessly.

Make media your friend

Understanding the key players in your local media scene can be a game-changer. Each outlet has its own style, audience and interests. Tailoring your pitches or interview responses to their preferences and beats can significantly increase your chances of getting coverage or handling interviews more effectively.

If you’re talking with local journalists, editors and producers, be friendly! We deal with journalists every day and for the most part, they are really lovely people doing their job. They will appreciate you making the whole process easier and if it’s a good experience it may result in other media opportunities down the track.

Who cares?

Coming up with newsworthy angles is critical for media success. The media are interested in compelling stories that audiences care about.

Identify news worthy angles from relevant industry updates, case studies, trends or expert opinions to make your message significant. Highlighting community initiatives or controversies can broaden your appeal and engage a wider audience.

Overcoming negative coverage

Addressing negative coverage or crises demands a strategic approach. Comprehensive media training prepares you to respond effectively. Always have a statement ready and avoid evasive responses like “No Comment.”

Being available to address issues, admitting fault if appropriate (seek legal advice first!) and showcasing a proactive approach to resolving problems, can mitigate negative impacts.

And remember, the Fresh team has been helping clients navigate the media for almost 20 years so if you need hands-on support, we are always here if you need us.

Looking to up your media interview skills in 2024? Find out more about our media training services and talk to us today.

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