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Have you ever heard that content is king? Engaging and relevant content creation is more important than ever to have in your communications tool kit. With fast-paced and competitive digital platforms and an ever-changing and under-resourced media landscape, we find that delivering ‘ready-made’ content assists our clients to stay ahead of the game.

It’s important to remember that any content created can (and should) be adjusted to have multiple uses across all your communication channels – not just digital. Once you have a calendar of possible content topics make sure you remember how this content can be translated through your website copy, public relations, marketing collateral, annual reports, blogs, videos, infographics and e-newsletters. The next trick is to deliver all the content across all platforms simultaneously.

So how do you create engaging content that captivates your audience and cuts through the clutter? Here’s our ‘Fresh’ perspective.

1. Be original – be relevant

This can be easier said than done but the best way to capture someone’s attention, is to do something different – preferably highlighting what is ‘unique’ about you or your business. To stop someone from scrolling you need to grab their attention with something different or that they are emotionally connected to. Content that is created around a current event or topic is also a sure winner as click bait. So put your thinking caps on and start getting creative.

2. Put a face to it  

Humans naturally want to connect with other humans so it’s something to think about when you’re putting together your next marketing campaign. Do you have someone to tell your story? Is there someone who can vouch for you? Are you speaking direct to your audience? If people know there is a person behind the words, video, or photo, then they’re more likely to listen. Just make sure that the message is clearly articulated and the vision is clear. It’s always important to have your subject in good light and speaking loudly enough so people can hear them. 

3. Would you tell your parents?  

We’re not asking you to divulge a secret here, but we’re asking if you have a story. Is there something within your business that is interesting, new or worth sharing? If you would call your parents or loved one and share the story, then it might be worth sharing it with your consumer. This way of sharing content also creates authenticity and makes it easier for people to connect since we all love a good story.  

4. Know your audience

We can’t stress this enough – you need to know your audience. In most of our blogs, we mention that knowing your audience is key to a successful business. If you have invested time into this, then you know what they want to see and how they want to consume their content.

The thing about engaging content is what works for one business, might not work for another. If you want to find out how to create content that is tailored to you, reach out to our team for a chat about a ‘Fresh’ perspective!

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