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We get it. Sometimes managing social media feels like you’re going in circles. These days, no one argues that organic social media is necessary to engage your community and create connections to your brand but the constant changes and volume of information can be a head spin.

While it involves a bit of legwork, Fresh’s digital content guru Anna has a few go-to strategic approaches to bring clarity to your organic social media efforts in 2024…

Dive into data

“First things first. Check your data. Social media backends can seem a bit daunting but it’s really about using metrics to identify which posts are working well and thinking about why it’s the case. See how your posts are doing now versus previous quarters and set up a way to track this in your social media plan.

“If you haven’t nailed down your social media strategy and plan, we need to pause. A social media strategy is a really valuable but often overlooked document. Making sure your content is aligned to your business’ broader strategic goals is crucial. I like to think of a social media strategy as the GPS for what you put out there. Likewise, making content without your social media plan set, content types nailed down and monthly messages locked in is like trying to drive blindfolded. Get these documents sorted!”

Surf the trends

“Don’t get held under by every social media trend. Sure, jumping on TikTok might be fun but if your crowd’s on LinkedIn, then that’s where you should be. Stick to where your audience expects to find you. Keep an eye on trends but only change your game plan if it helps you truly connect. 

“We recently delivered social media training for international charity, CV Global. They used the session to help identify what social media trends fit and what they can leave behind. Often this comes down to team capacity. While a Facebook group would help them grow a strong online community, they don’t have the time to administer one effectively. With their target audience also on Instagram, however, they can cut down the moderation risks by using the new ‘Channels’ feature which allows for broadcast-style communication with followers.”

Keep it real

“People like connecting with other people – and people want brands to feel real too. We see this a lot where posts with real people get more love – likes, comments, reshares. If you go check your own data, I almost guarantee it’ll be the same for you.

“If there’s content that’s struggling, I always advise to put aside the stock photos and Canva graphics and instead think about how to put the faces behind the scenes upfront. Personal insights and even selfies can work wonders but just make sure they click with your audience’s needs and your brand values – again this is where a solid strategy and plan comes in!

“In 2024, we need to remember – it’s not just about showing up, it’s about showing up with purpose. Use your data, choose those digital trends strategically and keep your audience at the heart of it all.”

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