May 13

What are the benefits of an external marketing team? Whether you have an internal marketing team who could use specialist support or you are looking to outsource your marketing altogether, working with a team of highly qualified communication guns who are ready to deliver outcomes quickly and efficiently, will absolutely maximise your results and your return on investment.


Today’s dynamic and fast-moving communications environment requires a broad range of skills to achieve the best outcomes. That’s where working with an external team gives you the benefit of drawing on their wealth of experience with other businesses to tackle the task at hand — whether you’re growing into new markets, maintaining an existing client base or managing change within your industry.


It’s important for businesses to be agile in their marketing efforts, to be prepared and strategic. In order for this to occur it may mean two (or three) heads are better than one. Having a consultancy just one call away, could just be the ‘Fresh Perspective’ you’re after.



  1. An extension of your team

Engaging Fresh PR & Marketing means that you tap into a valuable resource of expertise and experience – a diverse range of communication skills that sit neatly under one roof. Strategic thinkers, facilitators, researchers, analysers, community engagement specialists, crisis communication experts, PR queens and content creators. No matter what stage your business is at — we can assist. We can work independently on projects or work side-by-side with your internal team. Whatever makes your life easier.


  1. A bigger picture

As a consultancy, we have the benefit of working with many different clients from a range of industries, which keeps us energised with new problem-solving techniques and ways of doing business. We can see what works and what doesn’t work and use that insight to map out a great outcome for our clients. We connect clients too where there are obvious benefits for shared learning or collaboration.


  1. Priority and efficiency

We have the ability to stay on task and be accountable, adapt as things change (and they always do!), mobilise ideas quickly and ultimately deliver results. While an internal marketing team can absolutely do this too, they often have competing priorities both internally and externally, which can push out the timelines. If we are engaged to assist with a project and have an allocated deadline – we deliver, without the interruptions and on budget.


  1. Bigger picture strategy

Reaching out to an external marketing team can open the door to new ways of thinking – which can then lead to big-sky strategy and vision work. We ask the hard questions that sometimes can’t be asked by an internal team member. This means the difference between following the same path with the same result, or challenging you to think outside the square. We are big on collaboration and taking your team on the journey — think tanks, communication strategies and regular monthly monitoring provide focus and accountability and this is often hard to attain without an external moderator.


Every business is structured differently and of course has different marketing needs, but if you are weighing up the benefits of seeking external consultancy help, reach out to our team for a chat to see how a ‘Fresh’ perspective might be just the addition to your team needs!

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