Dec 06

A Sunshine Coast rising star is dusting off her Hinterland farm boots for the hills of Hollywood to pursue her dream of becoming an international actress.

Hannah Ryan’s determination and experience in theatre and films has been so well received within the industry, she’s landing roles with top producers and was recently cast as the lead in the Australian Series called American Eggs – directed by the Mitchell Brothers.

Ms Ryan landed her first film lead 9 years ago in the movie Spirit – produced by Vivienne Somers – and that taste for the films has made her hungry for more.

The 24-year-old actress said she auditioned for the role when she was in year 10 at Sunshine Coast Grammar School.

“It was a new and challenging experience but it didn’t take long to feel comfortable in front of the film crew,” Ms Ryan said.

“It ignited a fire in my belly to want to continue acting especially in film and make it my career – I will never forget that experience.

Dabbling in the art of music, Ms Ryan is a DJ on the side as well as having extensive experience in ballet, hip hop, contemporary dance and tap dance.

At the age of 21, Ms Ryan was given a chance to do work experience with top Broadway producer Jon Platt in New York.

“I was so excited to be offered the placement but I was still at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts so making that choice to defer was extremely difficult,” Ms Ryan said.

“I didn’t know anyone in New York so it was daunting but I’m so glad I took the risk because it put me in front of the right people in the Broadway industry who are still helping me today.”

The young actress said her love for acting grew substantially when she moved to London and interned at Michael McCabe Production.

“Having a mentor like that has really opened my eyes to what is expected in this industry – so many people try to talk you out of pursuing a career like this but I know that I have the determination to make it and when you love what you do, that really reflects in auditions,” Ms Ryan said.

“During my UK experience I was doing a lot of theatre work which has taught me crucial skills in being able to listen, react and be present in a much more powerful and convincing way because there are no second takes.”

Ms Ryan will hitting the ground running when she returns to Los Angeles  in January, auditioning for a role to become a series regular at BRAT where she could play the lead’s best friend who is on a journey to find love.

“I’m currently talking with the head of casting at BRAT to audition for the True Love Story and it would be an amazing opportunity to be a part of the show,” Ms Ryan said.

“My career so far has been a whirlwind in the best possible way, there are a lot of ups and downs but it’s so rewarding when you finally start seeing results.

“This industry is all about being patient and not letting doubt hold you back – I am now speaking with some of Hollywood’s biggest directors and casting agents.

While the performing arts have always been Ryan’s passion, she has also studied for two years in nursing and biomedical science.

“I think it’s important to explore different skillsets that give you new perspective and life experiences,” Ms Ryan said.

There is no lack of experience in Ryan’s life, having lived on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Melbourne in Victoria as well as London, LA and New York by the time she was 21-years-old.

“I count myself as extremely lucky to have been given the opportunities to explore my talent. My dream is to travel the world filming different projects and being on shows like Big Little Lies.”


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